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happy new year to everyone ...

permalink Thursday, 03JAN2008:

first post of 2008. yep. another year wiser. hopefully i'll make less stupid stock trades this year. i did make it to the snack on opening day to get my fix of chicken poutine. DELISH !!

what else. i've finally watched my dvd 'nausicaa of the valley of the wind' - very nice. as well, i watched my vhs copies of 'footloose' and 'ruby in paradise' - the former was picked up recently in the 'laundry room rummage collection' and the latter has been sitting on my shelf for six years waiting for me to find someone with a vhs player to expropriate. even tho i had never watched footloose, it still felt nostalgic as i had listened to the soundtrack endlessly and could sing along to the majority of the tunes that just happened to pop into the background. very silly stuff, but good to get out of the way. now, the mantle for greatest 80's classic that i've never seen moves to 'e.t.'

also have finished the first 1.5 books of the 'giant' series by james p. hogan - twas very neat to look back on 'hard' sf from the late-1970's. it's the year 2028, there is a united states of europe, humans exploring the moons of jupiter, computers small enough to fit in your pocket are an amazing thing and they can even network wirelessly with a central cpu. the most jarring anachronism was the prevalence of smoking ...

oh, and if you have any concerns about pakistan and the potential cover-up surrounding the assassination of benazir bhutto, you need to check out the video of a news report hosted by alternet. very sad.

one more day of 'holidays' before heading back to work on monday ... at least i've managed to return to a daytime schedule ;)

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