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seasonal fun and games

permalink Sunday, 09DEC2007:

so, i finally attended my first xmas party of the season, a dress-up affair at eugenia and anusha's. when i got there, it was still pretty sedate, but things picked up very soon after and then it was standing room only. i pulled out the monkey suit for the 2d time in a year (a record since i arrived in iqaluit !) and, in honour of the occasion, put on a fire engine red tie that i probably hadn't worn since my high school grad photos. it was a fine evening, well worth skipping out on j.d.'s poker game.

i guess i haven't posted about the new job yet. i'm in the policy division now, covering for a maternity leave. it's been an interesting change of pace from library work, but my writing skills have been given a workout. work comes in spurts, so the time management is more about making sure that i don't get so caught up in something that i can't drop it immediately to put out some other fire. the stricter office hours are throwing me for a loop, tho, and i haven't been getting enough sleep over the past few weeks. hopefully, my 2-week leave over the xmas period will allow me to catch up on that.

oh, and broomball is going gangbusters with upwards of 30 people showing up for our games. quite a stretch from a couple years back when there might have been 3 of us showing up to make use of the ice time. if only we had the city's 2d arena in operating order, we could expand the amount of ice time and give everyone a chance to exhaust themselves with building up their skills rather than just rushing around madly before subbing off.

the other game that i got sucked into this week was a new app on facebook called 'triumph'. i took advantage of a glitch on friday afternoon to build up a huge stock of military might and i've been coasting along on that since. the game is kind of a restricted version of civ, where each of the military units has different capabilities, and all require resources from a home territory. you build buildings on the land to support different elements, but the key thing is to make sure that you have enough population to bring in enough income to sustain your armies. the rest is searching out those weaker than yourselves and attacking them to win land / money and work towards a promotion. of course, you aren't given enough information to guarantee your win, and there are some tricks that i've picked up (not telling). however, if this sounds interesting and you're on facebook, check out my advice for those just starting the game.

also, i'm now a 'big dog' at facebook hold'em, but i can't get the app to let me log on to a table in a timely fashion. alas, i'll have to go back to tigergaming for my poker fix, which is pretty much the same as facebook seeing as i can't retrieve any of my winnings from the site after 2 months of trying. sad, but a lesson learned. however, even knowing that i can't pull my money out, i still much more fun playing there than on partygaming or pokerstars - or maybe it's just because i can win on the site ?? anyway, the running stats, and ability to see what you folded, are of great help in my self-mental-management, as is the lack of distracting visual bells and whistles. that said, there is an email in my inbox from the dublin casino that i frequented in august, hawking their online site, so i may head over the pond virtually and see if i can repeat my earlier successful foray in irish territory.

spins on the cd player this week:
  • ron hawkins - chemical sounds (2006) - highly recommended !
  • jack de keyzer - 6 string lover (2002)
  • blue rodeo - small miracles (2007)

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yearend hiatus

permalink Thursday, 27DEC2007:

great fantabulous news !! i saw a snack-mobile on the road today and asked the driver if the rumours were true and she confirmed that they were. THE SNACK WILL RETURN THIS SATURDAY !!! yay, chicken poutine (no onions)! yay food at 3 a.m. !! yay delivered right to your door !!! i am *so* stoked !

i'm also halfway thru my now traditional 2-week end-of-year veg session where i get to sleep whenever i feel like it (usually whenever the sun is out) and just putter around. i've watched the complete 'aeon flux' collection and am now into my 'northern exposure, season 4' dvd's. have also finished a graphic novel on niels bohr, the danish nobel-prize winning quantum physicist and continue to be enamoured (umm, addicted ?) with the facebook game 'triumph'. heck, i've even been made an officer of an alliance that was formed just last week. as tank would say, i'm very excited - world domination is just around the corner ... (the theme from 'hogan's heroes' is now running thru my head ;) )

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