Northwest Territories 1 of 3

I began working for a seismic company in May 1995.
After a few weeks of twiddling thumbs in the office,
we were sent to train with the field crews.

Working in the Northwest Territories was a blast.
I got to fly around in bushplanes and helicopters,
blow up dynamite and see humbling perspectives of the
Canadian North that I will never forget.

Yes, the manual work was hard, but it was a great
feeling at the end of the day to know that you had
seen sights and travelled trails that few others ever would.

The shot below shows a couple of 'juggies' stomping geophones
into the side of a hill. One day, about a week after I
took this photo, we dropped all our equipment and raced
to the nearest landing pad when the helicopter pilot
spotted some grizzlies only a few kilometres away.

NWT view with juggies