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permalink Monday, 12JUN2006:

so i re-wrote the LSAT today after shacking up in a motel room all weekend. i had flown down to calgary on friday, getting into a nice discussion with my seatmate jessica from whitehourse. i had planned on studying over the past couple of months but life got in the way, so i decided that i needed to get into an environment where i didn't have the distractions of home or computer or family. hence the motel.

sadly, i didn't even get to cram for even the entirety of that short amount of time as i had neglected to recall that the world cup started this weekend. after watching substantial bits of *every* game on the weekend, i finally cracked down on sunday evening and blazed a trail thru my LSAT study books. we'll find out in a couple of weeks if it boosted my score any from the result i received the last time i wrote in the summer of 2001.

but back to the story of the day. first, some idiot pulled the fire alarm part way thru and we had to stand outside for a good 20 minutes until the firefighters turned it off. then the proctor had to contact LSAC HQ to find out if they could even continue to administer the test. happily, we were and the clocks just started back in where they had stopped at the alarm. half an hour later, after the official break, the person next to me didn't re-appear. she had been stressing out over little things earlier, so it wasn't a total surprise.

as usual, the logic games section posed the greatest challenge to me. i was so choked that after much travail, when i had finally figured out one of the answers, the buzzer sounded just as i was erasing my original (incorrect) answer, without having time to fill in the one i now knew to be correct. since this had been the first section, for the rest of the afternoon, i had to resist the temptation to cheat and try to get one extra question to the good. however, the more i thought about it, the more i realized that if some school denied me entry based on the difference of a single question, that it wouldn't be a school that i would want to attend. since i already have a reasonable score from last time, my integrity is still worth more to me than the silly hoop that is the LSAT.

in the evening, i dropped in at my brother's place, where he hosted a series of poker games in honour of my visit. i did the best in the first game, but by the end of the night, i was dropping out earlier and earlier. to be honest, by then i was more interested in catching up on my blogs, and the stakes were so low that it didn't much matter to me.

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reunions and reminiscing

permalink Wednesday, 14JUN2006:

so i drove 7 hours last night to get to la casa des parents. the traffic was pretty light and i only made one wrong turn outside of camrose. i really hate it when town 'bypass' roads end up being slower than going straight thru town.

dropped in at the high school today to check things out. ran into marilyn, one of my fellow high school grads, who is now teaching in the same school that we graduated from, living in the same house that she grew up in. she filled me in on what's up with many of our fellow grads. it's hard to believe that next summer will mark the {2-digit number}th anniversary of our graduation from that august institution.

i also managed to visit with one of my former teachers, someone who i've always looked up to. it was quite a shock for me to hear that his own kids have been encouraged to emulate the career patterns that me and my sibs have followed. it's gratifying, but also a bit scary - i mean, it feels like i've just kind of meandered by chance and accident thru to where i am now. to think that someone would try to model that on purpose - wow, that's a humbling thought.

i also checked out the town's library which has moved yet again from where i remembered it, this time to right next door to my parents' restaurant. they had a couple of pc's set up with a scanner, so i was going to scan some of our old family photos. however, the system had been reset the day before, so the scanner was now off-line until the tech could return to repair the connection. digitizing those old photos will have to wait until my next visit.

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