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me am a journalist now ?

permalink Sunday, 28MAY2006:

  • link of the day: a 3-judge california state appeals panel has decided that bloggers fall under the state's reporter shield. the blogging chain back to the source is: slaw which credits somewhat frank which links to the original wired article that hosts a link to the pdf of the judgement.

    [p.36] The shield law is intended to 
    protect the gathering and dissemination 
    of news, and that is what petitioners 
    did here.  We can think of no workable 
    test or principle that would distinguish 
    "legitimate" from "illegitimate" news.  
    Any attempt by courts to draw such a 
    distinction would imperil a fundamental 
    purpose of the First Amendment, which is 
    to identify the best, most important, and 
    most valuable ideas not by any sociological 
    or economic formula, rule of law, or process 
    of government, but through the rough and 
    tumble competition of the memetic marketplace.
    [p.39] We can think of no reason to doubt 
    that the operator of a public Web site is a 
    "publisher" for purposes of this language; 
    the primary and core meaning of “to publish” 
    is "[t]o make publicly or generally known; 
    to declare or report openly or publicly; 
    to announce; to tell or noise abroad; also, 
    to propagate, disseminate (a creed or
    i predict that the big media lobbyists will now swarm on california legislators to try to get them to re-word the law's language so that bloggers become explicitly excluded :(

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scintillating soundtrack selections

permalink Monday, 29MAY2006:

this evening's radio show was made up of tracks taken from movie soundtracks. again, i didn't have time over the weekend to prepare a setlist guaranteed to flow, so i ended up hauling another cd binder over to the booth and tried to pick out tracks that might work together. the show is now available for download.

Aur.Oral Exposures radio show setlist for 29may2006:

  1. Laserman [Black Rain] - Ryuichi Sakamoto

  2. Tuesday Morning [Blown Away] - The Pogues
  3. Here's Where the Story Ends [Blown Away] - The Sundays
  4. Darling Today [Blown Away] - The Jayhawks

  5. this is the life [Dangerous Minds] - Wendy & Lisa
  6. Alright [Clueless] - Supergrass
  7. Happiness [Brain Candy] - Matthew Sweet

  8. Having an Average Weekend [Brain Candy] - Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
  9. Blister in the Sun [Grosse Pointe Blank] - Violent Femmes
  10. Leaders and Followers [Clerks] - Bad Religion

  11. Love Song for a Vampire [Bram Stoker's Dracula] - Annie Lennox
  12. Floundering [Floundering] - Stan Ridgway
  13. You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart [In the Name of the Father] - Sinead O'Connor

  14. Before Today [The Saint] - Everything But the Girl
  15. Cherchez La Femme [More Monty (The Full Monty)] - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
  16. Love Train [Last Days of Disco] - The O'Jays

  17. I Love the Nightlife [Last Days of Disco] - India and Nuyorican Soul
  18. Faith [The Insider] - Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke
  19. While the Earth Sleeps [Strange Days] - Peter Gabriel and Deep Forest

  20. Baby Mine [Stay Awake ! (Dumbo)] - Bonnie Raitt and Was (Not Was)

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devoured adaptations

permalink Tuesday, 30MAY2006:

joined a sizable posse at the nav this evening to celebrate odile's birthday. festooned with ribbons, we feasted on a host of dishes and made sure that there were no leftovers to take home. we read our fortunes out loud, adding 'in bed' to the end of each pithy bit of philosophy, to hilarious results.

  • link of the day: shaun huston comments on the alan moore 'v for vendetta' film vs. graphic novel controversy for popmatters:

    The film version of V for Vendetta may 
    be less than faithful to Alan Moore's 
    comic and his sense of authorship, but 
    it is faithful to the political world 
    in which it was created.  In that sense, 
    rather than killing the text, the 
    Wachowski's have given it new life and 

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this black hole of information

permalink Wednesday, 31MAY2006:

had a chance to chat with brent today about the tight info sphincter that exists in the north. everyone is concerned about stuff, but no one seems willing to make a big fuss since everyone and everything is so connected up here. he's heading back to yellowknife on friday, but it's been good to have him here for awhile and get a fix of his intelligent discussion.

he did give me the link to his photo blog on flickr ... which has some astounding photography ! fave photos include one of the ice breaking up around an icehole, some long exposure shots of the northern lights and a few photos from his trips to china. i managed to plow thru all 599 photos in a single sitting. *whew*

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spending friday evening online

permalink Friday, 02JUN2006:

i had missed last month's meeting of the press club, so made a point of attending this month, even tho i had to take a quick cat nap after work to make sure i had enough energy. heather and emily spoke to us about the alianait ! arts festival that will be hosted in iqaluit from june 21 to july 1. with live music concerts, storytelling workshops, an arts and crafts fair, and theatrical performances, this event will showcase a lot of local and aboriginal talent.

after losing steadily at omaha last week, i decided to give it another shot tonight. lady luck apparently was watching over me ! after half an hour of play, i found the A5 of diamonds in my hand along with 2 other garbage cards. on the flop came the 2 and 4 of diamonds, so i bet the low hand conservatively, still worried about someone having an A3. with 4 other people still in the pot, i was pretty sure that i was beat yet again. the turn didn't provide me with any assistance, but the betting wasn't too extreme so i decided to stick it out for the last card.

when the 3 of diamonds came on the river, i rejoiced that my low hand was good and went all-in. slowly, as i waited for the rest of the players to decide, i realized that i also had a flush hand for the high ... in fact, a straight flush ! happily, i got two other callers and ended up taking the entire pot, winning both the high and the low. on the next hand, a full house came through with no low hand available, so i took down the entire pot again. learning my lesson from last week, i decided to quit with my gains intact once i went down about 5 bucks from that peak. feeling good, i decided to try my hand at the dollar tourney that started at midnight, to see if my lucky streak would hold.

halfway thru the 2d hour of play, i was sitting pretty in 49th, when i got my first bad bust. i had top 2 pair KQ on the turn, so i went all-in. i got one caller who turned over two diamonds, including the ace, to match 2 diamonds already on the board. sure enough, he caught another diamond on the river, so my colourful hand was busted by the nut flush. on the very next hand, i had KQ again and went all-in with the rest of my now short stack. the same fellow who roughed me up the previous hand called me again, taking his sweet time to do so. this was truly aggravating as his call should have been a no-brainer before the flop, seeing as he eventually turned over pocket rockets. they held up and that was good enough to turf me from the tourney in 115th place of the 196 who had started.

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when the stars align themselves ...

permalink Saturday, 03JUN2006:

spent the afternoon at jeff's place, where he hosted a 16-person tourney. jeff plied us with a constant supply of food and drink which kept everyone in a good mood. even the smoking didn't bother me as much as usual, and my fedora seemed to have a positive influence on the proceedings. jay and i had expected to be playing thru the evening, and were surprised when our table of 8 lost 2 players within 15 minutes. we were down to 4 by about 90 minutes in. the other table soon closed and we were down to the final 8 after only a couple hours of play.

jay managed to play his way to 5th place, while adam, the champ of jeff's last tourney came in 4th, just out of the money. darcy and bob faced off against me in the money round, as the envelopes were placed on the table beside us. darcy busted out in 3d after i called his all-in bet, leaving me to stare down bob who had amassed a huge chip lead. however, after a couple of all-ins on my part, i gained the upper hand. by 6, we were playing the final hand.

i had KK so i decided to slow play and just called his raise. a K came on the flop, so i checked quickly. bob bet and i reluctantly called. the board paired on the turn, so i checked again, letting bob bet into me. when he put in half of his chips, i quickly went all-in and he pushed the rest of his chips into the pot. he turned over JJ and was flummoxed when i turned over my cowboys. looking back thru my records, this was my first big tourney win since last september, so i've endured quite a drought.

after that peak, i really didn't feel any urge to play poker online, so i picked up my supper from the nav and watched the first disk of episodes from the star trek borg dvd's. i had never seen any of these episodes, even tho i had heard so much about 'locutus', so it was a great treat to finally get clued in.

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