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maintaining stocks

permalink Sunday, 14MAY2006:

between sniffles and a headache likely brought on by caffeine withdrawl, i had to skip out on a brainstorming session to map out some skits for the june arts festival. even the temptation of banana splits could not drag me away from my bed.

  • link of the day: using maps to note the geographic availability of books.
    The book icons are color coded to 
    show the probability of finding the 
    book ... Our sales rep in France 
    has already used the map to 
    encourage bookstores to maintain 
    appropriate stock.

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do us a favour ... ?

permalink Monday, 15MAY2006:

stayed home from work for most of the day to ensure that my co-workers didn't succumb to whatever hit me over the weekend. by the afternoon, tho, i was feeling much better, so i went in to sort out some of the mail that had arrived during my absence.

this week's radio show was based on a mix that i made up last december called 'running out of rainchecks (the dayplanner blues) since i didn't have time to make a brand new mix post-conference. the mix adapted pretty smoothly into the setlist that follows. the show can be downloaded here.

Aur.Oral Exposures radio show setlist for 15may2006:

  1. Rainy Days and Mondays - Cracker
  2. ride on time - black box featuring loleatta holloway

  3. Seem So Tired - Jack Drag
  4. Tired of it Anyway - Treble Charger
  5. Rhythm of the Rain - Jr. Gone Wild

  6. Today Tomorrow Sometime Never - echobelly
  7. Maybe Someday - The Cure
  8. If Not Now ... - Tracy Chapman

  9. Wait for Me (radio edit) - The Northern Pikes
  10. Home Soon (The Cherry Song) - Oh Susanna

  11. Rainbow Connection - Jim Henson
  12. runaway train - Soul Asylum
  13. Missing - Everything But the Girl

  14. better part of an hour - The Guthries
  15. On a Bad Day - Kasey Chambers
  16. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

  17. Martha - Tom Waits
  18. Runnin' Out of Fools - Neko Case
  19. Say You Miss Me - Wilco
  20. what do i do now ? - sleeper

  21. After the Rain - Blue Rodeo

  • link of the day: willing to help someone out ? post a note to favorville !

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fighting off the fever

permalink Saturday, 20MAY2006:

uggh. it's been pretty quiet around these parts as i've been tucked in under the sheets for most of the week. turns out my minor bout with the sniffles early in the week was just a preamble to a double dose of fever. i was already groggy when i showed up to work on wednesday morning, but by the time the noon bell rang, i could barely stand on my feet. i called it a day and stumbled back home into bed, every joint in my body creaking and crying.

i spent most of the next 2 days sleeping, with only a few breaks to rehydrate before baking it all back out again. my head was pounding so hard my eyeballs felt like they were being pressed out of their sockets from the backside.

and my dreams. holey cow ! i must have re-hashed every fearsome bully encounter from my high school daze, this time tho, finding some way to make them feel the pain that i felt at the time. i can only hope that my psychological victories cheered on my immune system in its own feverish battle.

by the time friday evening came around, only the throbbing headache remained and that was alleviated somewhat by getting some eats. however, i passed on all social engagements, including the re-do of a brainstorming session for some skits, a last-minute call for a card game and another call inviting me out to the legion for a reunion with some returnees to the city. instead, i just stayed in and finished watching my set of 'northern exposure: season 3' dvd's, hoping that my flu recovery would stick this time.

i find it interesting to note the distinct difference in writing styles between the wikipedia entries for 'fever' and 'influenza'. the fever article is way technical and doesn't give much practical advice, while the flu article is much more oriented to laypersons, giving links to suggested treatments and a broader overview. even in a 'free' resource, qualitative measures can still be assigned to determine whether it is better than some other resource, given a particular audience or purpose.

other interesting links encountered in between sleeps:
  • the u.s. dollar is going down
    The bad news: "the system can 
    withstand a moderate economic 
    crisis (like those that occurred 
    post-1993) but not a major one 
    (like 1974)."
    Bridgewater estimates that losses 
    with the current hedge fund regime 
    would have been $80-$100 billion 
    in the post-1993 crises, $300-$350 
    billion in 1974 (and $500-$600 
    billion in 1929).
    And then there's the REALLY bad news: 
    Bridgewater also expects a major 
    international system crunch exactly 
    like the collapse of the fixed 
    exchange rate Bretton Woods system, 
    which lead directly to the 
    inflationary crisis of 1974.
    Wednesday morning, Bridgewater's 
    Daily Letter was headlined, "The 
    Tremors Before the Big One" and 
    concluded: "We believe the odds of 
    a dollar / U.S. debt crisis in the 
    next twelve months are elevated 
    (say 50 percent)." 
  • charlie angus (ndp heritage critic) takes another stab at copyright
    Canada is in a unique position 
    to develop legislation that will 
    make it possible for the digital 
    revolution to continue to grow. 
    For example, last year, the 
    Honourable Laurier Lapierre, the 
    Chairman of the National Advisory 
    Board of Canadian Culture Online, 
    released his report, A Charter 
    for the Cultural Citizen Online.
    Lapierre treats the users of 
    digital culture, not as consumers 
    (or thieves) but as citizens. 
    Each citizen has a claim on the 
    'public commons' of the Internet.
  • kevin kelly (wired guru) explains the future implications of the various book scanning projects
    As copies have been dethroned, the 
    economic model built on them is 
    collapsing.  In a regime of 
    superabundant free copies, copies 
    lose value.  They are no longer the 
    basis of wealth.  Now relationships, 
    links, connection and sharing are. 
    Value has shifted away from a copy 
    toward the many ways to recall, 
    annotate, personalize, edit, 
    authenticate, display, mark, transfer 
    and engage a work.  
    Authors and artists can make (and 
    have made) their livings selling 
    aspects of their works other than 
    inexpensive copies of them.  They 
    can sell performances, access to the 
    creator, personalization, add-on 
    information, the scarcity of 
    attention (via ads), sponsorship, 
    periodic subscriptions  in short, 
    all the many values that cannot be 
    copied.  The cheap copy becomes the 
    'discovery tool' that markets these 
    other intangible valuables.

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