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jaded is as jaded does

permalink Monday, 03APR2006:

spent the morning unpacking 70 some boxes of books at the new location. over lunch, i paused to listen to my recording of stef's documentary on the current which had aired earlier in the morning. then spent the rest of the day putting out fires and trying to figure out what to pack up tomorrow to send over on wednesday, what to pack up thursday to send over on friday, etc., etc., etc. my own office ? haven't even thought about it yet.

Aur.Oral Exposures setlist for 04apr2006:
  1. Gamble - Lowest of the Low
  2. Small Victories - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails
  3. Pokerface - Ron Hawkins

  4. Bite Down Hard - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails
  5. Partners in Crime - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails
  6. Subversives - Lowest of the Low

  7. For the Hand of Magdelena (live) - Lowest of the Low
  8. Black Monday - Lowest of the Low

  9. 'poetry' - Charles Bukowski (read by yours truly)
  10. The Taming of Carolyn - Lowest of the Low
  11. The Tame, The Half-Born, The Wild and You - Ron Hawkins

  12. Crackstatic - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails
  13. Bleed a Little While Tonight - Lowest of the Low
  14. Beautiful Chemistry - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails
  15. 4 O'Clock Stop (live) - Lowest of the Low

  16. City Full of Cowards - Lowest of the Low
  17. Three Penny Operator (live) - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails
  18. 'brewing a beer from mermaid tears' - yours truly

  19. (Waitin' On) My New Heart - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails
  20. Rumours and Whispers - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails
  21. Turpentine - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails

  22. Letter from Bilbao - Lowest of the Low

i've uploaded a copy of tonight's show to yousendit. you can download it and listen to it at your convenience.

  • ip idiocy link of the day: from heritage canada's 'music is my business', here's a flash chart of who is supposed to get paid when music gets played on community radio.
    Community radio stations in Canada
    pay SOCAN 1.9 percent of their
    gross operating costs.  
    SOCAN relies on sampling to track
    public performances on all community
    radio stations in Canada.  Each
    community radio station is surveyed
    during a 3 or 4-day period quarterly,
    or approximately 14 days annually.
    Consequently, songwriters and music
    publishers will not necessarily 
    receive payment for every musical
    work broadcast.
    so, ron hawkins is unlikely to ever get a red cent from tonight's broadcast. either that or he gets EVERYTHING. what a joke.

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recognizing cycles is the key

permalink Tuesday, 04APR2006:

packed up another 79 boxes of books, some of these actually destined for the new library space, rather than tucked away in some backwater storage space. once they were out of the way, jim helped me to dismantle one of the bays of shelves and the whole lot will go over to the new location tomorrow morning. small glitches like how to mount some shelves to the wall are still popping up, but i am still guardedly optimistic that everything will continue to go smoothly, which i can partly credit to the many months of planning and prep work that i have put in on this project over the past couple of years.

photo of the old library location

after my movie plans fell thru for the evening, i brought my nav supper over to todd's for a 5-hander. this is a warm-up to a 20-hander on friday, but i may not make it to that one due to previous commitments. patrick outlasted becky to limp into the money round as the short stack, but then displayed amazing tenacity in winning a whole series of all-in bets. he had actually built up quite a nice stack by the time his luck finally ran out against me and i was quite grateful for the leg-up that left todd and i to play heads up for the title. on the deciding hand, todd caught a third 7 on the river to match his pockets, but that 7 also gave me the spade that i needed to fill my flush. when he went all-in, i quickly called.

todd got his revenge, tho, as our quick winner-take-all 2d game had me out in the first round. i had pocket J's and then flopped a set, but slow-played it and let vinnie on the button raise the bet for me. everyone else called, so i was happy. on the turn, i checked again, hoping that vinnie would raise again, but he didn't. when a Q came on the river, i bet hard, hoping that someone had made a pair of Q's. however, todd had made a straight instead, which i had completely missed, and the loss crippled my stack. on the next hand, vinnie sent me to the rail. at least becky was pleased that she managed not to be 1st out in either match.

after todd prevailed against vinnie heads-up, we closed out the evening with a couple of rounds of drinks at the elks lodge, where they apparently host a happy hour on tuesday evenings.

  • link of the day: anatomy of a bubble outlines the stages of a boom and bust cycle. a smart investor waits for and welcomes the bust for the best opportunities to jump in.
    So instead of asking, "Is it a 
    bubble?" it's more financially 
    intelligent to ask, "What stage of 
    the bubble are we in?"  Then, 
    decide if you should be fearful, 
    greedy, or hibernating.

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the bad with the good

permalink Wednesday, 05APR2006:

ran into my first major move snag today. we moved 79 boxes over this morning, but i could only unpack 16 as the shelves for the rest needed to be screwed into the floor ... the concrete floor. alas, this means that my anticipated pack one day, unpack the next schedule will be thrown off and i may have to actually confront the mounds of mail and email that have piled up since this began.

iqaluit broomball chronicles:

team white: JFra, tim, jacques, christian, mark (1), julian (2)
team black: marco, alistair, kerry, me, julian (1), mark (2)

the teams were a bit mismatched during the first half and team white racked up a score of 4-1. the solo shot from team black came about from a nifty pass by marco, streaking down the wing with 2 defenders chasing him. he deftly passed it diagonally backwards across the goalie crease right onto my stick and somehow the ball landed in the net. too sweet. team white spread the wealth, with 4 players scoring their goals - mark (shot past me in net as if i wasn't even there), jacques (off of a beauty cross-ice pass by JFra), JFra (his usual dipsy-doodle dance) and christian (making his return from a few weeks skiing in the south).

at the half, we traded the speedy julian for mark and team black's new front line of kerry, mark and marco kicked the pace up a notch. the mark / marco pair notched up a couple of nifty passing combos that marco successfully navigated into the net. however, team white did not stand still for this and JFra and christian both added to their tallies to give a final score of 6-3. alistair was playing like a rock in net for most of the 2d half and one time was beat only because i attempted to pass in front of my own net. tim also showed off some major chops in net for team white.

  • link of the day: taxes can be good, as long as you "tax the bad stuff, not the good stuff".

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rote learning thru repetition ??

permalink Friday, 07APR2006:

photo of the new library location

accepting a bit less optimal design for some of the shelf orientations, the move to the new location is now back on track. i set up more shelves, unloaded more boxes, moved the empty boxes back to the old site, filled them up again, returned them to the new site, unloaded them again, repeat, rinse, etc.

2d photo of the new library location

i was very glad when 5 o'clock came around and i could sit down for a bit at the monthly meeting of the press club. i paid my annual dues, had a couple of slices of pizza and sat in for the first part of the guest speaker's presentation. john henderson is a 30-year veteran of the police services since starting off as a rookie in london, england. he is leaving the territory at the end of this month, but was glad to share of few of his observations. i thought it was neat that he had been a constable in town here during the '80's and came back as superintendent. i missed the rest of his talk as i followed vinnie in ducking out to attend todd's card tourney.

i should have stayed at the press club.

i did ok in the big game, but well out of the money. tho the prize pool went down to 4th, i busted out in 7th. the only consolation was that i finally beat cyndi for the first time in a heads up situation. i was gunning for a straight draw and hadn't made it, but when cyndi bet all in at the river, i checked my cards one last time before folding and noticed that i had a 5 to match the two that had shown up on the turn and river. i teased cyndi for the rest of the night that i had beaten her 'by accident'.

i played 2 subsequent sidegames and fared miserably at both of those as well. in the first, i busted out in 5th of 5 and in the 2d, i bailed out in 4th place of 5. with my wallet now emptied of all of the cash that i had brought for the evening, i decided to bid todd's tourney tables farewell. i did stay up a bit to play a few games online and did make up some ground before my mind collapsed and i went back down to where i started.

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optimal positioning

permalink Saturday, 08APR2006:

showed up at the new location for a couple of hours to load up some more shelves. one of the things i'm trying to do is to leave an open 'window' in the shelving at about head level so that visitors do not feel like they are walking through a dungeon or tunnel. this will both enhance the natural lighting and ensure that no one will get lost in the stacks (hopefully).

photo of library shelf spacing

iqaluit broomball chronicles:

team white: JFra, JFre, kerry, julian, kevin, me
team black: marco, alistair, mark, jacques, christian, tim, daniel

while the score was a bit of a blowout, the teams started out pretty evenly matched, with team black having the advantage of a sub. however, team white's front line of JFra, JFre and kerry made some nice crisp passes to assist each other in putting the ball into the net. both of the JF's scored 2 apiece and kerry got a single. the best goal was a zero-angle shot by JFre that somehow got past mark in net.

near the end of the game, both teams found some extra energy and both kevin and daniel were forced to make some amazing saves. alistair made some great defensive moves and i managed not to give away the puck at the blue line too often. mark, marco, jacques and julian all had nice opportunities, but just couldn't seem to get the right bounces into the net.

there was a bit of chippiness during the game as frustration built due to the goal run-up. i like one of the ideas that came up during the post-game review at the nav bar, that switching the goalies would be the quickest and easiest adjustment to make in the future when the score doesn't reflect the evenness of the teams. another explanation that i heard was that no one on team white played a bad game and when everyone on your team is clicking, it's hard to overcome that rhythm.

in the evening, i huddled back in front of my pc, hoping to repeat my online tourney victory of last week. alas, tonight i finished well back in the pack, placing 112th out of 228. but at least i was done before 4 in the morning !

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