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i realize how stupid i am

permalink Sunday, 05MAR2006:

didn't bother to set an alarm today, so stayed blissfully asleep until late in the afternoon. reminded of my diablo II misadventures of the morning, i decided to re-attempt to level up. sticking to the arcane sanctuary this time allowed me to successfully move zarek up to level 74.

in the evening, i went over to marjorey's to catch jon stewart and the oscars. it was gratifying to see george clooney win for his role in 'syriana', but also sad because it meant that i likely won't get a chance to see 'good night and good luck' at the local theatre. ah well, there's always the dvd, regardless of what the academy claims. if theatres are so good for the movie business, why doesn't hollywood make every film that it controls available digitally to every theatre so that they can play whatever they feel can sell in their local market instead of the latest faux-blockbuster that comes down the pike every few months ? i've never seen 'gone with the wind' on the big screen, or 'to kill a mockingbird' or even 'the godfather'. why not ?

i was also happy to see reese win for best actress, even tho i don't think that she actually was. i really did enjoy 'walk the line' and wish that joachim phoenix could have gotten his due, but philip seymour hoffman definitely displayed the best acting chops this year. i also didn't get the song of the year award, but if the other 2 songs that it beat are the best that hollywood can do for original songs, then i'm really not surprised.

  • link of the day: now here's someone who deserves to be a hollywood star, singing or otherwise: true confessions of neko case. someone should plug paul thomas anderson's ears with her album and maybe he'll write a movie around her songs like he did for aimee mann with 'magnolia'.
    "I hate those celebrity interviews 
    like in Vanity Fair, where they're 
    talking about some book they've read 
    and how it has important lessons for 
    the rest of us.  To me it's very 
    pompous, like they need to appear 
    cerebral.  I'm the opposite of that: 
    When I read Faust I realize how 
    stupid I am.  And in a way I feel so 
    much better.  There's joy and comfort 
    in that, in not knowing everything 
    and allowing yourself to be awed a 
    little bit."

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setting up for failure

permalink Monday, 06MAR2006:

aur.oral exposures setlist for 06mar2006:
  1. 1000 goodbyes - Captain Tractor
  2. Let Me Be Around - Chimera
  3. Stick Together - Cool Blue Halo

  4. Strange - Patsy Cline
  5. Ain't That Strange - Cracker
  6. i've got you under my skin - Neneh Cherry

  7. Malaguena Salerosa - Chingon
  8. Iggo (Cutie) - chilly friday
  9. super 'shomin' car (short version) - CECIL

  10. Behind the Wall - Tracy Chapman
  11. Rockets in the Persian Gulf - George Carlin
  12. It's Not Funny Anymore - Crash Vegas

  13. Blue Spell - Stompin' Tom Connors
  14. High on Cruel - Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
  15. too bad for me - The Co-Dependents

  16. Making My Way to You - Jim Cuddy
  17. Side of the Road - Concrete Blonde
  18. Don't Talk Back - Kasey Chambers

  19. Last Night in the World - Bruce Cockburn
  20. Don't Lay Down - Catie Curtis
  21. Whatever Happened to Fun ... - Candy

the entire show can be downloaded from yousendit. i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, especially since i only started on the track selection late last night.

  • ip idiocy link of the day: in suing google, the publishers may be setting a copyright snare for themselves.

    on re-reading the piece, there is no really juicy quote, but the gist is that the publishers don't have much of a leg to stand on for anything older than the mid-1980's, before digital rights began to be included into author contracts. if they go after google for their book scanning project, they cannot turn around themselves and scan the books they have under PRINT copyright because they haven't yet negotiated DIGITAL copyrights with the authors. it's understandable that everyone wants a piece of the pie, but they're going to have to let go of some greed and learn to share or else someone else will come along to fill the market need without them.

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telling tales again

permalink Tuesday, 07MAR2006:

lori, christa, taravan and i reunited for another round of playback improv this evening at the joamie school. we demo'd the drama therapy techniques that we had learned to some youths from nain who were in town for a set of suicide-prevention workshops.

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finally 4 on 4 on the ice

permalink Wednesday, 08MAR2006:

iqaluit broomball chronicles:

team white: marco, mark, dan, me
team black: jacques, JFra, kerry, martha

we had to do a bit of shuffling around at the start to make sure that one team wasn't stacked. once we got underway, tho, it seemed that the effort was not so successful. team black scored early when kerry passed up to JFra who smashed the ball under my outstretched stick. after that, tho, team white took over as i assisted mark and dan assisted marco to put us in the lead.

from then, mark and marco made a bunch of nifty passing plays to deke out the defense and began to rack up the points. JFra was a sparkplug trooper tho and he made good on my bad pass in their zone, taking it all the way back into our wide-open net (i was supposed to be the last man back). however, he also attempted to bat the ball down in front of his own net ... and only ended up giving team white another point.

dan contributed a single to the cause, as did either jacques or kerry - i can't remember as mark was the goalie at the time, but it was still a goal i could have prevented as i tried to kick the loose ball out of the crease instead of freezing it against mark's leg. my fave goal was a patentable marco in front of the net swing-around backhand shot that went into the far side of the net. a beauty to behold ! the final tally of 8-4 for team white didn't reflect the fact that a few different bounces might have locked us into a tie.

oh, and i designed a new logo for my radio show.

Aur.Oral Exposures radio show logo
what was wrong with the old one ? well, it was non-existant for one thing ... now, my design sense is not nearly as developed as my sister's and her new business logo kicks this one in the a$$. however, i can't show off hers until her business actually starts operating in april - have to watch out for those pesky IP pirates who will register every domain out from under her.

and since my monthly comic order has now arrived, i must stop blogging and start reading. ciao for now !

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every hand's a winner ...

permalink Friday, 10MAR2006:

dressed up in my monkey suit for only the 3d time since coming to the north. the occasion ? twas malcolm's bar call ceremony, where he officially joined the ranks of practicing lawyers. the courtroom was packed to the rafters with well-wishers and people trying to scope out whether it was true what they said about men in kilts.

malcolm is welcomed to the nunavut bar
after the ceremony, we all gathered at the navigator for some nibblies that brad sprung for. from there we went down the hall to the nav lounge for friday nite karaoke, hosted by krista. i got up to sing a garth song as usual, but my favourite appeared to have left town with debbie so i had to make do with 'shameless' instead. even in the suit, i got no respect.

i split off from malcolm's posse after that as they headed up to chris' place to continue their revelry. i made good on my promise to sylvain to make an appearance at the AFN's rendez-vous '5 à 7 RADIO' happy hour. after chatting with sabrina for a bit (she has another radio show at the station), i played my aur.oral exposures francophone mix during a lull and then joined molly's crew who were headed off to the raquetball club to see her beau michael play.

molly got a bunch of us signed in by michael at the raquetball club. twas my first time on the premises and i was pretty impressed. i had heard some not so genteel things about the place, but as a space, it was lovely, with comfortable couches, a wooden dancefloor, free pool table with netted pockets, a shuffleboard table, a ping-pong table and even an operational foozeball table !

we got there just in time to catch the northern ramblers play their final set. yoan wanted them to close with 'the gambler' but no one seemed to know the lyrics, so when i indicated that i knew how they went, i got volunteered. i got to sing on stage with the northern ramblers - how kewl is that ?!! i'm just happy i didn't make a hash of their sound system - andrew has magic fingers, i tell ya.

after the gig, i proceeded to unleash the years of pent-up foozeball mayhem on molly, michael and andrew. michael was a pretty good marksman in front and andrew was a ferocious spinner, but i just played my way, only using the 2 back bars to fend them off. i practiced my bank shot from the defence and i got jazzed when it actually worked in gametime and the other players didn't know where the ball had gone. *evil snicker*.

from that triumph, i teamed up with susie to challenge the winners of the pool table. alas, we were unable to unseat the champions, as they quickly sunk a whole schwack of balls, only allowing susie and i one or two runs at the table before the match was over.

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let the music play !

permalink Saturday, 11MAR2006:

iqaluit broomball chronicle:

team white:marco, dan, tim, julian, kerry, daniel, me
team black:mark, JFra, JFre, tracey, josué, kevin, jacques

with some members of the broomball squad laid low by injuries (christian, yoan) and others away on travel, the past few weeks have been a bit of a slog. however, this afternoon, we had full rosters with a sub on the bench for both squads. tim was making his first appearance in 2 years and we also had inaugural appearances by tracy and josué, and a 2d appearance by daniel.

with so many bodies on the ice, the usual suspects for goals seemed to have a bit of difficulty deking their way down the ice and were shut out, tho not for lack of trying. instead, it was dan who scored the only goal of the game. tim was behind the opposition net and lofted the ball forward. i tried to bounce it off the shaft of my stick towards the front of the net, but instead knocked it back to the side of the net where jacques waited. jacques bounced it off of his chest and batted it out, but unfortunately for team black, right in front of his goalie. dan was right there and pumped it in before kevin could react.

the rest of the game featured a few dan / tracey matchups along the boards, a few booming rockets from kerry, a few rushes brought back due to offside calls, and lots of outstanding defensive work by both sides to keep the big guns away from the net.

the game all-stars were:

  • first star: dan for outstanding offensive performance
  • second star: kevin for keeping team black in the game
  • third star: daniel for a shutout in only his 2d game

in the evening, i attended the classical tea with jazz interlude at the aqsaarniit middle school, put on by the iqaluit music society. i was impressed to hear stuart play for the first time and emily also impressed with her pipes and mock portuguese. master mike kept the beat on the drums. from there, i walked down the hill with stef, joanne, maria, adrian and helen towards michael doyle's place where he was hosting a musical jam session. it took a while to get kicking, but once the music began to play we were pacified for hours, with tim, molly, michael, andrew and stuart all playing in turn thru the night.

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