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sisters are doing it for themselves

Sunday, 03JUL2005:

re-watched one of my fave flicks today, 'party girl', where parker posey plays a young new york socialite who discovers the joys of the dewey decimal system, even applying it to a d.j.'s collection of records. the movie states the librarianship has generally been considered 'women's work' and the practitioners in the field has consequently been undervalued and underpaid in comparison to more male-dominated fields such as computer science.

the other film that i watched today was 'frida', which highlighted the struggles that this mexican painter faced in her life, including a childhood accident that nearly crippled her, an unfaithful husband, and a dalliance with the exiled trotsky. she is rightfully renowned for her ability to portray the pain of her life onto canvas, helping viewers to see their own pains reflected in her images and to understand that they are not alone in their suffering.

there was one melody on the soundtrack that i couldn't identify at first, but if i'm not hallucinating, i figure it for a spanish version of jim croce's 'time in a bottle'

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muscles use up more calories than fat !

Tuesday, 05JUL2005:

put my poker winnings from the weekend to good purpose by buying a 6 month membership at the atii gym by the airport. as i had forgotten about the initiation fee, i had to scramble down to my nickels to cover both fees.

it's been a long time since i've done any weight training, and i was worried about not knowing how to do stuff, but body memory came to the rescue. once i got some weights in my hands, the body just took over.

my set included lat pull-downs, leg curls, leg extensions, forearm extensions, shoulder press, incline press, A-press, bicep curls and bench press. i took notes of my starting weights so i will know if i'm making any progress.

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full of pleasant surprises

Wednesday, 06JUL2005:

only slightly sore this morning, so it looks like i didn't overdo it at the gym yesterday. of course, it usually takes a day or so for the muscles to figure out that they've been tortured, before they start screaming for the medics and repair crews.

played another game of chess with jordan at lunchtime. we had missed a few games due to illness and it looks like he may have still been suffering a bit after the long weekend as i managed to extend my winning streak to 2 games !

after another unconventional start, i got my queen barging around in the middle of the board. jordan moved a knight to take advantage of one of the many weak spots in my defence. after a few minutes of me mulling my response, it finally dawned on us that since my queen was lined up with my bishop, i had a one-move checkmate on his castled king thru the square just vacated by his knight. sweet. jordan vowed to play more offensively next time.

went to the astro in the evening to catch 'bewitched'. i found it to be very charming, with nicole kidman very convincing as a clueless witch. the plot was as hokey as an episode of the old t.v. series, but the flick had an unforced breeziness that was very refreshing. i walked out of the theatre snapping my fingers :)

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seeing the world in black and white

Thursday, 07JUL2005:

  • IP idiocy link of the day: Rogers and Hammerstein foundation withdraws music copyright license when a high school applies colour blind casting for a production of 'Big River', a musical adaptation of Twain's 'Huckleberry Finn'.

    The foundation argues that:
    the role of race in Twain's story 
    requires that proper respect be given 
    to the race of the characters in casting.
this is exactly the type of IP idiocy that hampers creativity and the development of new artists. we should be fostering an open culture that thrives on incorporating bits of the world around us and synthesizing new meanings and visions, instead of one where we need permission before displaying any original thought.

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we'll listen as long as you're entertaining

Friday, 08JUL2005:

alas, my winning streak against jordan was stillborn this afternoon at only 2 wins. however, i had successfully nullified his white advantage and might have had a shot at reaching at least a stalemate if i had applied my offensive and defensive mindsets to opposite pieces than the ones i chose.

this evening at the monthly press club, i was also treated to the entertaining ed "eddie" picco who gave us an extended riff on how he came to be where he is today. he regaled us with tales of his younger days in portugal cove, just outside of st. john's, and encounters with other notable newfoundlanders, including mayor murphy, joey smallwood and john crosby. he reminded us that the nunavut government has come a long way from its skeletal origins and that while a lot of work still needs to be done, we should be proud of a lot that has already been accomplished.

after that, vinnie gave a few of us a lift up to bella's where she was hosting a musical jam night. after sampling some of bella's yummy banana bread and singing along to a couple of blue rodeo songs, i ducked into the den to take advantage of their high speed connection to try to whittle down the stack of over a hundred emails in my yahoo account.

skimming thru month old news headlines at dialup speed really sux, so, for my birthday, i'm considering upgrading to the QINIQ broadband wireless modem supplied by nunanet. of course, i will have to get around to my long-procrastinated reinstall of winxp so that i can get my video card working at 100% and be able to install new apps including the ZoneAlarm Pro firewall software.

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nunavut day hijinx

Saturday, 09JUL2005:

went to the nakasuk playground to pick up a double decker nunavut day hot dog compliments of NTI (cheerfully grilled and served by doug). also checked out the scrabble semi-finals held under a tent and had some tea and greasy bannock.

hung around for the first few acts of the talent show before heading to the AFN to do my radio show. unfortunately, i forgot to turn on my pc at home to record the show. it's probably for the best anyway, as i didn't realize that i was cutting off the beginnings of some of the songs due to pause key insensitivity.

setlist for Nunavut Day:
  1. great escape - brown eyed susans
  2. One Big Holiday - My Morning Jacket

  3. NLCA excerpt from ITK website - spoken word
  4. Rocks and Trees - the Arrogant Worms
  5. A Thousand Miles from Nowhere (acoustic) - Dwight Yoakam

  6. Back Dirt Road - Oh Susanna
  7. Harrisburg - Josh Ritter
  8. Halfway Round the World - Bowling for Soup

  9. Drugs Have Done Good Things - Bill Hicks
  10. Too Much Kathleen - Cool Blue Halo
  11. Turpentine - Ron Hawkins & The Rusty Nails

  12. Tell Her Lies and Feed Her Candy - The Sadies
  13. Little Lies - Fleetwood Mac
  14. Liars - Prize Pig

  15. When You're Gone - The Northern Ramblers
  16. I Still Can't Believe You're Gone - Kelly Hogan and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts

  17. Elvis Decanter - The Vandals
listened to malcolm's birthday show while eating my supper and skimmed / re-read 'ender's game' to find a passage to read during next week's radio show.

after malcolm signed off, i decided to join him at the legion. at the doorway were stef, hallauk and john waiting for some kind soul to sign them in and i was happy to oblige. hit the pool table and managed to win 3 games in a row against yu 'si.mi', s9l '', and angus before o?w '', stepped in to challenge for the table.

he sunk a striped ball off of the break and then proceeded to give an amazing display of skill and verve by running the table on me, leaving the cue ball perfectly lined up for each subsequent ball. magical. of course, poor stef chose that moment to swing by to check out the action, and i couldn't resist accusing her of jinxing my hot streak :)

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