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skademia, signal hill and sushi

Wednesday, 18MAY2005:

i attended the last session of the conference. it was supposed to provide some tips on reference but i didn't glean much from it. too exhaused ?

afterwards, i joined thomas, lin and katherine on the skademia boat tour. i was ok in the sunny harbour, but once we got out over the fog-covered ocean, i had to go lie down for awhile. got up when we wandered close to shore to check out the wildlife on the rocks, but then started to get weezy. i rushed into the head to be seasick for about 20 seconds and then was fine for the rest of the ride back into the harbour.

went for tea with katherine while thomas and lin went to freshen up before tackling the signal hill climb. couldn't find the tim hortons that we knew was in the neighbourhood, so we just popped into a local cafe. when we returned to the hotel, we found out that lin wasn't feeling well, so katherine and i went ahead ourselves.

we took a scenic route up along the harbour, stopping in at the GEO centre for katherine to pick up a book for her boyfriend. then we strolled up to top just in time for the tourist center to close for the day. i suggested hiking down the dirt trails to the bottom and katherine was game even while wearing her fashionable shoes. we managed to make it down without dunking ourselves in muck.

famished by the afternoon's adventures, we stopped in at the sushi joint that i had visited earlier and i once again ate everything in sight. unagi bowl = yummy !! took so long eating, tho, that i missed the run of 'stones in his pockets' at the rabbittown theatre. this play is about a small town in ireland and its reaction to the invasion of a hollywood film crew. shades of 'the shipping news' ?

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