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permalink Saturday, 06OCT2007:

my friend cenobyte wanted a postcard story today for her blog. here's what i contributed:

johnny felt like propping open his eyelids with 
toothpicks.  the sun had gone down hours before, 
yet he was still sitting there.  tap, tap, tap, 
click.  tap, tap, tap, click.  

while the rest of the world had gone home for the 
thanksgiving long weekend, johnny was enraptured 
by the little squiggles that steadily grew across 
his screen.  even the cheerful cleaning lady's 
arrival to empty his trash can failed to sway him 
from his stupor.  tap, tap, tap, click.  tap, tap, 
tap, click.  

around half past two, johnny finally looked away, 
surprised at the fury of the arctic winds hammering 
on his window.  he leaned back to crack his knuckles 
behind his neck.  with a weary exhale, he scooted 
forward to reach for the ergonomic beast that laired 
atop his desk.  

thirty seconds later, his hovering index finger 
finally gave in to gravity.  click.  he thought 
about making a run for it then, but johnny knew 
that he was finished.  the sirens had already 
begun blaring in the distance.

i've enjoyed my plunge into facebook, especially the chance to play scrabulous asynchronously. at less than 20 facebook friends, i can still check out everyone's profile daily. however, i shudder at the thought of trying to track hundreds of friends, many of whom are busy sending facebook chain mails and videos to each other.

also, thanks to, i was really spooked out by a new image editing technique called seam carving. instead of re-sizing an image strictly dimensionally, this new software will allow users to easily remove or extend areas of a photo to the point where you can make someone or something disappear with little loss of image coherence or hideous artefacts. the youtube video is 4 minutes long.

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