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requiem for le snack

permalink Thursday, 25JAN2007:

yes, i know it's been over a month since i've updated this page. first, i went south for a week to visit family and friends (and have the usual holiday travel ordeal story) and then when i returned, my re-jiggered mostly new pc went kaput after only a day. after a few more blissful weeks away from the office, filled with poker games and movie watching, i was swamped upon my return to work.

plus, this weekend, the part-time players are putting on a set of two one-act plays (sat at 7 p.m., sun at 2 and 7 p.m. - call alison at 979.7205 for tix - $10 each) and i've been roped into the tech director role again. nevertheless, i will try to infill the blog a bit with the missing broomball chronicles and my picks for the most satisfying 2006 movies. however, the reason for breaking my silence today was hearing the news on the morning cbc radio program that the local eatery 'the snack' had burned down.

burning remnants of the snack

now, every community has one of those greasy spoons that doesn't look like much, but still manages to serve decent food. the snack reminded me of how my own family's place in small-town saskatchewan used to be, with naugahyde bench seats and lots of wood accents. the staff were super friendly and very willingly accomodated my requests to re-use the takeout bags that i brought back on return visits. the prices were very reasonable (for iqaluit anyway) and the other super bonus was that the kitchen was open 24 hours, offering a delivery service anywhere in town. with the snack gone, the latest any dining place stays open here is the nav at 9 p.m.

while there doesn't seem to be a huge demand for late-nite dining in iqaluit (given the demise of subway, doug's chicken and ribs and sub zero before that), with my nite-owlish tendencies, the loss of the snack is a near-disaster. not to mention that my poker-winning streak for 2007 will likely come to a crashing halt now that i don't have their trusty chicken poutine (no onions) to rely upon for a mental energy boost. the last time i visited was just earlier this week on tuesday night when i picked up a couple of taxi driver sandwiches on my way to the play rehearsals.

*sigh* i'm sure the place will be re-built in time, but it likely won't be the same. there's a blizzard forecast for tonight and tomorrow, so maybe i'll have some quality time to reflect and recall all of the good memories that i have of the place.

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