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permalink Tuesday, 04JUL2006:

so i had actually decided to head back to the office this evening after taking a post-supper break to play a round of online poker. however, it seems that my e-key will not work past a certain hour, so i will have to have a chat with smitty tomorrow about making some allowance for my strange hours of productivity.

thus, you will finally get a blog catchup out of me after a 2-week silence. of course, i will catch up on the previous posts and then this comment won't make any sense, but suffice to say that i'm typing this on the 4th and my previously finished post was on the 14th of june. everything else in between was typed up after the current post. got that ? or is time travel too much for you to handle ? (see how gorging on star trek warps your sense of reality ?)

what ? you want an *explanation* for my absence ? see here, i was on summer holidays and i was busy *living* life instead of posting. well, sort of. in reality, i was really trying to restore some of the mental energy that has been bled out of me over the recent months between the library move, the weekly radio show, the conference in edmonton, my writing of the LSAT, world cup soccer frenzy, the alianait arts festival ... well, you get the picture. taking a break from the blog allowed me to catch up on some reading and ... wait a sec, you'll have to read the previous posts ... umm future ... um .... anyway, i read stuff that you'll read about me reading, sometime real soon.

so, what was the event of the day that coaxed me back to the blog ? the carpet getting ripped out of the apartment hallway, leaving an nice echo-y wooden base for my boots to tramp menacingly on ?

apartment hallway with wooden floor


was it me procrastinating on my major task of the day in order to clear out the barnacles gathered up in my inbox and on my desk ? (and doing a fine job of it, i must say - down to 21 'to-do' emails in my inbox from 50+) or just staring out the window as celina and jonathon painted a beautiful alianait mural on the barren brick wall across the street ?

alianait wall mural of colourful pastels


or was it the fine and inexpensive meal at the legion, consisting of chicken tourneados - medallions of chicken wrapped in strips of mouth-watering bacon ? nope. i know, i know. it's the fact that the ships are back in the bay now, bringing all those goodies from the south ?

scenic iqaluit shot with pipes and ships


today's great event was watching friend odile host an evening of fine news on cbc northbeat. for the next month, she will be the north's answer to peter mansbridge. i'm so proud of her. she did such a smashing job, even getting the chance to do a live interview with the chief coroner of the nwt who had to dance nimbly around her piercing questions. she did neglect to mention her name in the traditional anchor sign off but perhaps that is her stylistic choice ?

as an added bonus, tonight's newscast also featured jonathon and celina talking about their mural, as well as jim, the father-in-law of my dinner mate, who told viewers about his indoor gardening project. yes, folks, we will soon see gardens sprouting up all over the arctic when this craze takes off !

speaking of crazes, i made some progress at the sit-n-go tables online and then lost it all back at the omaha hi/lo table where the gladiators play. you definitely don't want to hang around with those tigers for too long if you're not in tip top form - they'll eat you alive and spit out your bones for toothpicks. you've been warned.

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